"Mitu" was designed and constructed by Sidhant Panda for the primary objective  of reproducing the conditions of driving a racing car as realistically as possible. The physical and mental requirements are as extreme as they can get in a simulated environment.

This would allow him to train without being affected by real world problems like the weather or budget issues.He was helped by  Garage Pichon in Ecommoy near Le Mans, France where he built the simulator entirely from scrap .

Driver instructor

Sidhant is also the first foreigner to successfully pass the diploma as an instructor in France in all available mentions of "Sport automobile". So he can legally train drivers in karting , security driving , Gt cars and even driving on ICE !

Reflex training

 A specialized training  program in the simulator allows drivers to improve upon their reflexes directly working the steering wheel contrary to other exercises requiring  special equipments and skills with no direct link to motorsports

Innovation award

Sidcompetition presented "MITU" at the France CE work council expo , in which 60 companies participated ,"mitu" was awarded the most innovative product.

For all technical specifications of Mitu or information for private tests. Download the official brochure.


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Part 2 of the documentary on Sidhant by Le Mans television reporting on the simulator

An introduction to Mitu